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War of the Gods | Book 8 in The Network Series
War of the Gods | Book 8 in The Network Series
War of the Gods | Book 8 in The Network Series

War of the Gods | Book 8 in The Network Series

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Protective Witch.

Bianca Monroe knows one thing: no god or demigod is going to destroy her forest. 

Letum Wood is under her protection. 

When demigods and gods antagonize Alkarra, she's not about to step back and let Tontes take control. Natural disasters, unexpected challenges, and crushing god magic threatens to tear apart her home. 

The livid gods aren't going to let her thwart them again. Alkarra is under siege, and there's only one plan that will stop Tontes from winning everything. 

Can Bianca accept her role in the plan? 

Or will her attempts to keep Alkarra safe be the very thing that allows the to gods win?

War of the Gods is the eighth book in the Network Series. This series-culminating story will sweep you away with epic magic and wild places.

Customer Reviews

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All her books are brilliant. You can’t stop reading them

Terry Gardner
War of the Gods ties the stories of Alkarra together

If you haven't read Miss Mable's School for Young Girls and learned about Bianca Monroe and her life do not pass go, go directly to Katie Cross's website and get started. While this is not the end of the stories about Bianca or the world of Alkarra it brings many stories to a crossroads of what will be next? Bianca has grown both in age, and magical ability. She realizes that she has more power than she thought possible. She stands up to the rebellious Gods who want to try to take Alkarra away from her and try to destroy HER forest. The companion novella "The Finales" should be read after and together tie the characters together. Bianca learns that HER forest is eager to be on its own and protect itself. You will find yourself crying for loss, laughing for others and in general reading until you ether finish the book or have to stop to catch your breath.

Sushmita Srikant
An Epic War you don't want to miss!

Bianca wakes up from the dead and finds her true magical destiny and power in this book. She is a mighty force to reckon with and always a step ahead of the demigods and Gods to protect the ones she love! This is an epic war that reminded me of ones from Tolkein's books and definitely will keep you up late at night to get to the end! You will not regret those sleepless nights.

Great Character Development and Gripping Suspense

"War of the Gods" has all the best strengths of a Katie Cross novel: distinct characters conveyed with emotional depth and understanding; a powerful central villain; great suspense; and nail-biting tension that propels you to read to the end. In "War of the Gods," we see Bianca grow into her full power, as she tries to let go of her self-doubt and fear. Those of you who have read the Network Series and the Network Saga will understand Bianca's fear of losing those whom she loves. It's truly extraordinary that in a world of fantasy (with witches, gods, and demi-gods), Katie manages to convey the true humanity of her characters. You'll find yourself laughing out loud at times; my favorite line was "It's time to call the dragons," the fantasy equivalent of sending in the cavalry. You'll also find yourself crying at times, as many characters deal with the pain of loss. We have love, warfare, and teeth-grinding suspense, as the novel moves us towards its end. Hang on. It's a great ride.

War of the Gods AND Finales!

I did not review WOTG before reading Finales. I'm glad I didn't, as the combination of the two books--well, I feel as though they make one uber-book in combination. So much of WOTG came to life more intensely and clearly when reading Finales. The victory felt so much more satisfying in combination. Everybody: Read both books!!!