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War of the Networks (The Network Series Book 4) - Katie Cross
War of the Networks (The Network Series Book 4) - Katie Cross
War of the Networks | Book 4 in The Network Series

War of the Networks | Book 4 in The Network Series

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Fourth Book in The Network Series

With the Central Network entrenched in war and teetering on the brink of destruction, eighteen-year-old Bianca Monroe is determined to defeat Mabel’s powerful Almorran magic by finding the Book of Light.

During an attempt to save a burning orphanage, Bianca finds herself caught in a trap. Mabel kidnaps her, taking her to the hot sands of the Western Network where things are not as they seem.

Mabel is more dangerous—and unhinged—than she’s ever been before.

War of the Networks is the fourth and final book in the thrilling fantasy collection The Network Series. It’s a gripping tale about compassion, forgiveness, and surviving against all odds. 


What other YA Fantasy Lovers are Saying: 



"Amazing, worthy conclusion to an inspiring, wonderful saga."

"Strong conclusion to a strong series."


"Even though it's fiction, it felt so real."

"Kudos to Katie Cross for such a wonderful series. I wish it never ended."

"This one was as good or better than the others in the series."

"Butt-kicking heroine, complex enemy, great secondary characters, well written action/battle scenes. Wish it wasn't over !"

Customer Reviews

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The war is here…

And the plot thickens! It was nerve recking to not be able to read a gazillion words per second! Hahaha Read this book so fast and need more! Great book Katie!

Debbie K
Love Magic and Dragons?

I just finished War of the Networks and the entire Network Series. Oh My Goodness what an incredible journey! I cried a lot, laughed a lot, had some suspicions confirmed and loved them completely. Fantasy has never really been 'my genre' but I took a chance because I do love magic and I'm so glad I did! These books are so great and Katie has a great mind. She keeps you wanting more and more and to not put the book down until your eyes can take no more. I encourage you to read ALL of her books, you will never be sorry!!

Amanda Kujala

This book was an incredible rollercoaster of emotions. I felt like I was right there in the Witchery with the group. I laughed with them, feel in in love with them, cried with them and healed with them. I don’t want to say goodbye to the network!!

What can I say? Amazing

I read this as part of the Network Series Collection. so I will copy that review here also. The stories had me spellbound from beginning to end. Bianca with her inherited curse. Friends she makes. An evil teacher. Danger. Death. Powers. A dangerous enemy. A gorgeous Protector. A love between father and daughter. A kidnapping. More death and a battle to the end. Very highly recommended series. Loved it.

mary crosby
The Network series

I loved these books. Such an amazing story and a very easy read. The Story follows Bianca , her friends and family through a very tiring time.