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Hazel - Katie Cross
Hazel | A Short Story in the Network Series
Hazel | A Short Story in the Network Series

Hazel | A Short Story in the Network Series

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A Short Story in the Network Series

“You are a mighty little thing, Hazel.”

Hazel Monroe knows one thing: she wants to be a gardener. 

Fingers in the soil, canopy overhead. That’s all she needs. Except the High Priestess Evelyn’s dark reign threatens to destroy even that simple desire. 

If she can just get through the Network school system. 

If she can just live out the Resistance that threatens to overthrow their insane leader. 

If she can just . . . survive. 

When the final battle at Chatham Castle begins, Hazel finds herself unexpectedly in the middle of an entirely different war. One between the vile Miss Mabel and her nefarious grandmother, May. 

One that threatens to change the course of her quiet life beneath the trees that she so deeply longs for. 

Until Hazel is discovered, and May’s wrath unfurls.

Fans of the Network Series can’t afford to miss this companion novella to the Network Series—covering the exact moment that launched the beloved story of Bianca Monroe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wonderful read

I love how the book helped me be a part of the lives of the characters and what they were going through. As usual, it was hard to put the book down until I finished. Captivating writing style!

Karen Mueller
Amazing, and so informative

First of all, my grandmothers name was Hazel, so I had a connection from the start. If you like me have read All The Books, this gives an amazing insight to where some of Bianca's grit and determination came from. I'm sure you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Denise Gravano
Inheritance curse

Learning about Bianca’s resistance fighter grandmother (who was punished with an Inheritance curse) and great grandparents provides more background for her and her parents current stories in Katie Cross’s magical world of Alkarra.
The series is worth reading again!!

Kathryn Bingham

Readers of other Alkarran stories may have seen snippets of Hazel. Yes, we know how her story ends. In Hazel, we learn about the pivotal time when she attended Miss Mabel’s and made choices about who she would be. Without Hazel, we wouldn’t have the same Bianca. Read on, Alkarran family…

Exciting and emotional

This is an exciting little story and for me, emotional. It’s interesting to see Bianca’s grandmother as a teenager. Gramma Hazel isn’t really present when we are learning Bianca’s story but so important in it.
This story about Hazel and her family answers questions we didn’t know we had