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Mildred's Resistance | Prequel to The Network Series
Mildred's Resistance (Paperback Edition) - Katie Cross
Mildred's Resistance | Prequel to The Network Series

Mildred's Resistance | Prequel to The Network Series

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The Stunning Prequel to The Network Series

Can be read at any point in the Network Series!

The prequel to the Network Series that you never expected.  

Mildred Graeme is a witch that knows what it’s like to fail. She loathes small talk, struggles with magic, and grew up wretchedly poor.

When her best friend Evelyn gains power and threatens to obliterate the Network, Mildred must overcome her fear of failure to save the lives of those she loves.

Even if it means betraying her best friend.

Customer Reviews

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Kerri Hilbert
Engrossing preview to The Network Series

World-renown and Award-winning author Katie Cross’s Novel Mildred’s Resistance, the Prequel to the Network series, is an engrossing story that follows the story of three childhood friends—Mildred, Evie, and Stella—from their childhoods together through tumultuous times of political unrest.

Good read

Really enjoyed it. Not complicated and convoluted

Julie Morphett

Not only for the young but the young at heart. Cannot wait to start the next series. Loved every minute.

D. G. Hulan
A prequel to Cross's "Network"quartet

Mildred’s Resistance begins with the friendship of three girls: Mildred, Evelyn, and Stella. I’m not sure if they all share a birthday or if their birthdays are close enough together that they celebrate them together. Evelyn is the leader in the beginning; her parents are well-to-do, and she is beautiful and charismatic. Stella is also beautiful but rather shy; Mildred is plain but strong-minded. Evelyn is taken up by the High Priestess of the Network, Nelly, (the books are set in an imaginary continent of Antebellum; the action of this book all takes place in the territory of the Central Network) as her Assistant. Stella’s parents are middle-class, and she studies witchcraft at a lower level. Mildred’s parents are poor, but she has substantial talent at witchcraft and she becomes a moderately successful practicing witch in the capital. The book covers something like 15 years of their lives, and ends with a struggle between Evelyn and Mildred.

mrs carole krenennou
Great read!

This book and the others in the series had me taken from the first paragraph!. I could not put them down. Interesting informative and a really good story. Keep them coming Katie!!!