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The Lost Magic | Book 5 in The Network Series
The Lost Magic | Book 5 in The Network Series
The Lost Magic | Book 5 in The Network Series

The Lost Magic | Book 5 in The Network Series

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Never underestimate the power of a vigilant witch. 

Twenty-one-year-old Bianca Monroe has one goal: to keep the status quo. 

She's finally happy. The Central Network has recovered from the war, peace remains steady enough, and she loves teaching the new Guardian recruits how to use a sword. 

The last thing she wants is change. 

At the third annual Celebration of all Networks, Bianca is thrust into an unexpected challenge: a mortal girl named Ava lands in her lap with a most unwelcome surprise. As the Celebration continues, it's clear that the only witch who cares whether Ava lives or dies is Bianca.

And Bianca's magic has stopped working.

Can Bianca save Ava from the high-ranking witches that want her blood, even if it means the end of the blossoming peace? Or does Bianca protect her Network the only way she knows how?

The Lost Magic is the fifth novel in the Network Series, a saga that has captivated over half a million readers. Get ready for life-changing YA Fantasy. 

Because Bianca Monroe is back.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Allison Walsh
Such a happy reunion.

Delighted to return to Bianca’s world. Hadn’t realised just how much I had missed all the amazing characters from the Network Series. Looking forward to spending time with them all in the rest of the Network Saga Series. Feels like coming home.

Tonya Flores

What do you do when you lose your soul...that's basically what happens when Bianca loses her magic. Well... you kick butt and don't take names. Bianca is at it again and it just keeps getting better! Best to not get in the way, you'll just regret it later!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Loved it and cannot wait for the next one.

Bianca is now training recruits and is not with Merrick anymore. Such a shame. Her father is High Priest of the Central Network and his name is Derek. Just who is young Ava who Bianca rescues. Ava is a mortal with a mission to complete. Bianca loses her magic and cannot even feel Letum Woods. A young eleven-year-old girl. A dangerous amulet. Who is Baxter really. A lost love. Gods. Goddesses. War threatens Alkarra again. Goddess touched. Demigods. Just who is Baxter related to. So much happening and all without Bianca having her magic. Will she ever get it back?

Garrett Zeien
Here we Go Again With Another Great Book!

Another awesome book by Katie! Bianca’s story continues after the war of the networks has ended. Some time has passed between these 2 series and characters I once liked now piss me off and now there are new twist and turns, with someone losing powers and new gods and powers entering the networks. I can’t wait for the next book. Keep them coming please!

Jessica Maynard-Gilbert
So wonderful

Really enjoyed being back in this world! Such a great start to a continued story. The epilogue and everything is so juicy and a great read.