Mildred's Resistance (Prequel to The Network Series) - Katie Cross
Mildred's Resistance (Prequel to The Network Series) - Katie Cross

Mildred's Resistance (Prequel to The Network Series)

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The Stunning Prequel to The Network Series

Can be read at any point in the Network Series!

The prequel to the Network Series that you never expected.  

Mildred Graeme is a witch that knows what it’s like to fail. She loathes small talk, struggles with magic, and grew up wretchedly poor.

When her best friend Evelyn gains power and threatens to obliterate the Network, Mildred must overcome her fear of failure to save the lives of those she loves.

Even if it means betraying her best friend.

Customer Reviews

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Kerri Hilbert
Engrossing Prequel to the Network Series

World-renown and Award-winning author Katie Cross’s Novel Mildred’s Resistance, the Prequel to the Network series, is an engrossing story that follows the story of three childhood friends—Mildred, Evie, and Stella—from their childhoods together through tumultuous times of political unrest.

Intense Read

The book’s political theme seemed quite intense , especially during an election year. It took me quite awhile as I had to put it down a number of times for a break. I’m glad I finished it and it was well-written. Am looking forward to the next book.

Janet Soper
Best book in this series

I really enjoyed Mildred's Resistance! The friends were very close in the beginning, but as they went through the years, they found more friends. Some found boyfriends and got married. Life gets complicated. I really enjoyed this book!


Getting to see how it all started was awesome! Love getting to know this characters a bit more, learning about their past is so enlightening in many ways… it makes the story even better, great book!

Bethany Lockhart

I really enjoyed Mildred's Resistance. I read it after the rest of the Bianca books, and loved the storyline. I then went back to read the series again, and the story became that much richer.