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Protect Me | The Coffee Shop Series, Book 9

Protect Me | The Coffee Shop Series, Book 9

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The ninth book in
The Coffee Shop Series


There are three rules I implemented five years ago that govern my safety around men.

1. Never alone. 

2. Never stranded. 

3. Never unaware.

In those five years, I've never broken those rules. Not once. Because I will not be a fool again. 

Then I do break those rules—willingly—to help the older brother of my best friend, Vikram. Vikram is trouble. Has always been trouble. 

Charming, a little arrogant, and flighty as a bird when it comes to women. I spent half my childhood adoring him, half crying over him. 

Yet he's always had my heart. 

Six years after last seeing him is no exception.


My parents say I'm a mess. I agree.

When a knee surgery goes wrong, things get ugly. What kind of woman would ever want to stay by my side when I can barely cope with the day-to-day of recovery? 

None of them. 

Which is why I've never tried.

There's only one person at my side when I need her the most: Katelyn Saucony. The last woman I ever expected to see there. 

Maybe the one that I've always wanted there.

She has secrets to hide, and when those secrets come back to life and threaten her safety, I'm forced to reckon with my own ghosts. 

For her, I finally find someone worth fighting for. 

Protect Me is a clean, contemporary romance (but not religious) with a little sizzle and spice  and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It’s the eighth book in the Coffee Shop Series. This book can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from reading the series from the beginning.

Customer Reviews

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Protect Me--Another wonderful book by Katie Cross

Katelyn and Vikram have known each other since they were kids, although they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Vik’s sister Vinita and Kate are best friends. Kate and Vik still live in the same area, so when Vinita calls because Vik has had surgery and nobody has heard from him, Kate agrees to check on him. Vik does need help, so Kate agrees to stay with him until he has an easier time getting around on his own. As it turns out, Kate ends up needing somewhere to stay later when she loses her place, so the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

Kate has loved Vik since she was 10 but doesn’t think the feeling is mutual so she is hesitant to risk telling him. Additionally, she has a traumatic rape experience and is struggling with this. Vik has a bad experience with someone he cares about, so he plays the field and shows no interest in settling down. Kate and Vik start expressing their feelings and gradually learn to trust and help each other. It’s a slow and sometimes scary process, but they are finally able to admit they love each other and are glad they did.

Protect Me is enjoyable. I like the interaction between Kate and Vik and how they help each other. I also like the interaction between Kate and Vinita. A best friend is a special gift. There is a positive message about letting go of your fears and accepting help from someone you care about. I highly recommend Protect Me.

Jennifer Chi
Talk about girl power!!

If you know Katie Cross’s books, you know that strong female characters are abundant! Kate is no exception! Kate and Vikram are two people who have been hurt by life and have the physical and internal scars to prove it. They’ve both built strong walls to protect themselves, but ultimately find they don’t need them anymore. In fact, they really don’t need anyone’s protection at all, but isn’t it nice to know you have it anyway? ❤️

Andy Gonzalez
Have you met Vikram or Katelyn?

Who does not love a romance with a happy ending?! If you’ve read the other books from this series, you’ve met Vikram and Katelyn, now it’s time to hear how their stories were once intertwined, how they went there own ways and how fate brought them back together… if you have not met them, you are going to love them!
Thank’s Katie for another breath taking romance! Cannot wait for the next story from Pineville!

Chris Newman
The best one of the Series

Wow. What an amazing ending, spread over the last chapters.

The entire series consists of the people living in Pineville with each story concentrating on one of the characters. Every book is different and this latest one is the best.

Like the other books, this is a full story in its own right, but I highly recommend reading the series in release sequence as they all assume that you’ve read them.

Pat Percival
Who has your back?

Strange as it might seem to Katie’s avid reading fans, I was in a reading slump, until I started Protect Me. It was just the right mix of events and emotions to pull me back into the reading groove. Each book in the Coffee Shop series follows a certain predictable pattern of romance and action, but each is also unique in the social issue(s) portrayed within the individual storylines. Enjoy your stay in Pineville while reading all nine books in the series. There’s a lot of romance (clean) and drama going on in that town! As I’ve noted in previous reviews, I like that Katie integrates “meaty topics”, food for thought, with her romance storylines. Katie has our backs as she consistently delivers stories we want to read, in all of her genres. Thank you, Katie!