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The Rise of the Demigods | Book 6 in The Network Series
The Rise of the Demigods | Book 6 in The Network Series
The Rise of the Demigods | Book 6 in The Network Series

The Rise of the Demigods | Book 6 in The Network Series

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Never underestimate the power of a stubborn witch.

Bianca Monroe wants one thing: to create a Sisterhood of Protectors.

She might be the only one that thinks it's a good idea.

With demigods in Alkarra, and a frustrated Council attempting to usurp her father, Bianca is faced with opposition on every side. When her desire to defend the Central Network with a Sisterhood is rebuffed by everyone whose support she thought she’d have, she’s forced to find a new path.

Meanwhile, the influence of god magic grows in Alkarra. Wonky magic, strangers in the land, and crumbling Network ties abound.

Will Bianca assemble the support she needs to defend the Network from this unknown enemy?

Or will she find the strength to forge her own path?

THE RISE OF THE DEMIGODS is the sixth book in THE NETWORK SERIES. Fans of this beloved, award-winning saga will be swept back into the world of Alkarra, where magic abounds and enemies are now fast at hand.

Customer Reviews

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Totally engulfed

As usual, Rise of the Demigods does not disappoint. Twists and turns from all directions, I loved it. Cannot wait to get into book 3 The Forgotten Gods. Thank you Katie Cross for these amazing adventures.

Exciting tie

Rise of the Demigods follows book 1, The Lost Magic, to resolve secrets and advance plot. DON'T MISS IT! It is incredibly important to the storyline!!

Bianca's growth through this book is impressive. I've admired that she isn't a trope-y hero; she isn't "the one," she is one of many, she's a kid who is learning. As she is growing into a young woman, she shines more and more.

Rise of the Demigods

A wonderful book full of action and intrigue. The characters are so well written that you are drawn into their lives and right there with them. I didn't want it to end!


I loved this latest adventure. Katie really knows how to pull you in to a story. I feel like I've been right there beside the characters. Can't wait to read the next book. Have just purchased 14 more. I will be devastated when I run out.

The rise of the sisterhood and strong independent women

Another book of Katie’s that I cannot put down. It is so refreshing to have characters that are strong independent women who still have a vulnerability to them. I cannot wait to read the next one.