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Sisterwitches Book 4 | The Sisterwitches Series
Sisterwitches Book 4 | The Sisterwitches Series
Sisterwitches Book 4 | The Sisterwitches Series

Sisterwitches Book 4 | The Sisterwitches Series

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Baby dragons. Returning tyrants. Pregnancy fever. 

Maximillion Sinclair isn't pleased about the threat burned into sand dunes along the Borderlands, but he's even less pleased with who wrote them. When a nemesis from years ago threatens the Central Network again, he's ready to keep his beloved home from utter destruction. 

Isadora is prepared to have a child. Anytime now would be great, in fact. From midwives to crib placement, she's ready to go. Until life sends a twist her way she didn't expect. 

Meanwhile, Sanna is blissfully happy taking care of a new baby dragon. A tragedy strikes, fracturing Luteis' small brood of forest dragons and threatening the safety they've built.

Unfortunately, his thirst for revenge is unstoppable.

Can Max stop a bloodthirsty foe? Will Isadora find the answers she seeks? Can Sanna serve the dragons that need her?

Join our beloved Sisterwitches and Max in the next installment in THE SISTERWITCHES Book 4. These slice-of-life stories will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmaster and right into the heart of the witches we love best. 

Customer Reviews

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Dana Delaney
Oh My Heart

Babies. Baby dragons and the desperate desire for a baby of her own. Keep reading but be prepared for a full spectrum of emotions. Maybe have a tissue or 10 ready.

Andy Gonzalez
A good helping of emotions…

Baby dragons, do you need more? Hahaha If you have been following Sanna and Isa’s stories… this book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster… and a baby dragon experience like no other!

Laila Savolainen
Baby dragons, Magics unknown, equals satisfaction for me...

I love how seamlessly Katie threads all the sisterwitches stories together, even though years have passed since bk3. The lives of the sisters and Alkarra are a soothe to visit bringing all the feels with Katie's delicious writing and epic storytelling. I especially enjoy watching the Sanna's Magics growing and changing, promising so much wonder to come with her beloved dragons. There is excitement, intrigue, tears and hope. And the bonus story is a delight. I'm ready for the next, and am thrilled i don't have long to wait.

Kim Jones

Sisterwitches Book 4
A few years have passed since Book 3; we find Isa wanting a child, and all that entails to try to achieve that - you’ll need tissues. Also Sanna adjusting to Luteis being gone with Cara so much, but she gets a baby dragon out of that, Caeris - you can’t help but love the little dragon. We also see a different side of Luteis as revenge is in his blood. And of course, a bad guy from the past rears his ugly head - some questions about Wildrose will be answered in this book. You’ve got to love the short stories that Katie has included in each book, they certainly add dimension to the characters. We are about half way through this series and the story just keeps getting better, hold on.

Epic and Exciting

An epic and exciting novel in the Sisterwitches’ series by Award-winning author Katie Cross.

What I liked most about this book is the many themes I recognized at play in it.

Signs burned into the sand indicate a dark threat facing The Central Network.

Isadora has spent the past six years helping other witches thru her watcher magic, the Advocacy, and fundraising. She and Max consider the possibility of having a family.

Sanna’s life with Luteis is fulfilling and she is back to feeling herself in the forest.

Luteis and Cara have a hatchling, Caeris.

The forest dragons have divided into two groups and neither group is happy with the other.

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ 🐉 Dragons 🐉 ✨Alkarra ✨