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The Great Library of Burke | Book 4 in The Historical Collection
The Great Library of Burke | Book 4 in The Historical Collection
The Great Library of Burke | Book 4 in The Historical Collection

The Great Library of Burke | Book 4 in The Historical Collection

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The Fourth Book in
the Historical Collection

"If I handed you the key to your eternal freedom, would you take it?"

Rae Burke is a brigand assassin, and he's good at what he does. But when the winds of change whistle by, he throws himself into the chance for freedom and safety for his family. 

Wren Burke knows that she trusts her husband, so she accepts the grimoire he shoves into her arms, plunges into the wild forest with her three children, and throws herself into the mercy of magic and mayhem. 

Ghosts from Rae's past won't let him, or the magic, go so easily.

Despite separation, perils, the threat of starvation, and a magical system unlike any they've ever known, the Burke family must pull together and discover a new world they never knew existed. 

THE GREAT LIBRARY OF BURKE is the fourth novel in the Historical Collection. This exhilarating tale of bravery and family will sweep you back to the world of magical Letum Wood.

Customer Reviews

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Kim Jones
Magical Library

We have read in many of Katie’s stories about The Great Library of Burke, now is your chance to see it from the beginning. This story tells how the Burke family with the help from the magic of the library brings the library to life. Also how each member of the family makes decisions regarding their help with the library. This is a stand alone book so if you’re a little behind in reading, don’t worry, this won’t have any spoilers.

Kaley Mills
The magic you have been waiting for!

This truly is the magic you didn’t know you were waiting for in Alkarra! The Great Library of Burke is weaved through all of Alkarran history, but have you ever wondered how it came to be? You won’t need to after you read this!

Laila Savolainen
Books, beautiful magic rooms, a library with an attitude.

The library in this book is just as much a character as the witches in this story. All the feels to be had as all within discover their place in this world.
Katie's story telling and passionate narration brings all of Alkarra and her inhabitants to life.
A great addition to the Historical collection and a stand alone novel for Alkarra

Kerri Hilbert
This is a book for you!

Whether you are familiar with Alkarra and the Great Library of Burke (GLOB) or not, this is a book for you.

Rae has known only one way of life, but the future of himself and his family is now at risk.

Award-winning author Katie Cross tells the story of the Burke family and what happened to them after Rae makes a choice.

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Coming May 3rd, 2024

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