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The Gods | Reader Request Short Story #1
The Gods | Reader Request Short Story #1

The Gods | Reader Request Short Story #1

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The Gods and Goddesses Like You've Never Known Them Before.

Do you wonder what the gods did after the Heart of Alaysia in THE FORGOTTEN GODS? 
Why is Selsay, goddess of mountains, so reclusive? 
Why didn't Prana save the Eastern Network in WAR OF THE GODS? 
What did Ignis feel for Bianca?
Look for answers no further.

THE GODS is a short story that dives into the details behind the gods and goddesses stories. Learn from Ignis, Gelas, and Deasylva what happened behind-the-scenes at the epic endings to the Network Saga.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read The Network Saga, there will be spoilers in The Gods.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent as always

Andy Gonzalez
When you ask and get answers

When you have a gazillion questions and your fav author answers them…. WOW! This short story has so much information in So few pages, it is amazing! After reading the Network saga, this book will enlighten and complement, you get to know the gods a bit more and see how their dynamic affects all of Alkarra. Thank you Katie for he answers to my questions! Hahaha

Kim Jones

If you’ve read Katie’s Network Saga, you may have questions about the gods and goddesses - this book answers many of those questions. But in true Katie fashion, leaves you with more. Looking forward to more gods and goddesses.

Debbie K
What you don't see

Just when you think you know what the gods are up to...guess what? You don't!! This is a great story with an interesting twist in it. Many answered questions but in true Katie fashion, plenty more to ask. Hope you enjoy!

Delicious treat...

Katie packs so much juiciness into this short story. I felt satisfied learning of machinations that were previously unknown. I love knowing of the fun seeds that have been sown for so many more adventures to come. All pulled together with intrigue, leaving me looking forward to more pieces of the nexus that is the Goddesses and Gods of Alkarra in the next installment...