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The Swordmaker | Book 2 in The Historical Collection
The Swordmaker | Book 2 in The Historical Collection
The Swordmaker | Book 2 in The Historical Collection

The Swordmaker | Book 2 in The Historical Collection

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Andrei is more than just a swordmaker. 

He's a legend.

Members of the legendary silkmaking clan in the Southern Network understand one thing: the clan keeps the Sirilas magic in balance by obedience to its rules, and the Sirilas magic keeps them alive. 

When loyal, steady future Guide to the Clan Andrei Kuzmin finds a sword that stands in his way to ease and prosperity—quite literally—he's shoved out of his stable world and into a new magic. 

A magic that doesn't care about the requirements of the Sirilas magic. 

While Andrei grapples to rid himself of the meddlesome sword, a new foe enters the stage. Alek Popov, High Priest to the Southern Network, a witch hungry for the well-kept secrets of the silkmaking magic. 

Can Andrei keep both magicks happy while forging the path required of him? 

Or will Andrei's faltering loyalty destroy the clan from the very center? 

THE SWORDMAKER is the second novel in the Historical Collection. This thrilling story will sweep you away to the arctic lands of the Southern Network, where magic teems and mysteries abound.

Customer Reviews

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I love the story weaving in this fantastic world. Great job again!

Terry Gardner
The Swordmaker while being a short story, is the beginning of a long history of Andrei's

When you read books about Bianca you know that Viveet is a part of her and her life. Which brought many questions with it. Further reading lets you into how she received it and what happens when she saves her fathers life. Andrei the Swordmaker was a very small part but led to many questions. The Swordmaker starts the story but it appears there may yet be many more yet to come. This story will not only let you know of how swords are made, but the major dilemma Andrei has to face. How he faces them changes and challenges his total self, his clan and his future. It was just one of the many books that Katie Cross has written that has opened doors into Alkarra and allowed many readers to become one with that world. One might even start having dreams of what is happening or needs to happen...

Diane Ottobre

This book shows you the beginning of the first swordmaker, Andrei, and also the Ensis magic behind it. You discover how the magic found him and how he slowly learned the process of making a sword. He learns to listen to the magic. It also delves into the silk making trade and the magic that helped the clans through the process and their daily lives. This book is worth reading to give you the background for all the Andreis that follow.

Of course I want more…

This is one of my favourite stories. The characters are fascinating! Wow. You really could write stories about this world FOREVER. There are so many possibilities.


I enjoyed this book. I wish writers and movie makers would write stories about the lives AFTER the “story.”