The Advocate (The Historical Collection, Book 3)

The Advocate (The Historical Collection, Book 3)

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The Third Book in
the Historical Collection

 Charlie Dauphin and Max Sinclair have been best friends since they met on a rainy night at twelve years old. 

They share more than a powerful magic, a sprawling manor, and a hunger for justice and danger. 

The Advocacy belongs to both of them.

The Central Network, and then the fate of Alkarra, rest on the shoulders of two extraordinary men determined to save the world. With a team of Watchers and Defenders at their back, they'll do just that.

But the winds of fate will turn such motivation against them. Charlie and Max have taken on more than any witch could bear alone. 

Will Charlie and Max survive the onslaught of political intrigue, rising magic, and disaster that awaits? 

Is friendship strong enough?

Lovers of the Dragonmaster Trilogy will be thrilled for this follow-up (and oft requested!) installment in the world of Alkarra. Dive into the Advocacy, the political world of the Dragonmaster, and the lives of the witches we all love best.

THE ADVOCATE is the third novel in the Historical Collection. This exhilarating tale of friendship and courage will sweep you back to the world of Alkarra.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Terry Gardner
What a great way to get to know 2 great characters and those around them.

Depending on when you have read anything about Maximillion ( you should start with the Dragon master trilogy) you may have determined he is hard to understand and obnoxious. Yet once you read about young Max and Charlie, how they grew up and their lives intertwined together you will see a very different person. Many of us only look at the outside of people and judge them by their "cover" when the real person has so many layers that one seldom knows the real person. This is one of those times that digging deeper and having an open mind gives you insight into the real (as real as any book can be to help us understand people around us). This book was something that brought incites into the why's these characters were the way they are. I came away loving every minute of reading and finding I had mis-judged not just one character but many. I totally loved this book. As Paul Harvey used to say "the rest of the story" adds insight into a great many things both things in the past and in the future.

Diane Ottobre
So much fun!

Oh, this book brought me so much joy. You get to see how Max and Charlie met and the journeys they took to get to where they were in the Dragonmaster Trilogy was very rewarding. And of course, there is more Max and Isa. You discover how Maximillion discovers Isadora as well as his viewpoint throughout their relationship.

Debbie K
Journey into the paths

There is SO MUCH to unpack in this epic story!! Charlie and Max start out as childhood friends that the magic brought together. They couldn't be any more opposite the other and it works beautifully for them. For his whole life Charlie is the only one Max has let into his circle until he finally meets Isadora. Charlie learns to navigate his double life as himself and the bumbling Charles. Together they make quite a force to be reckoned with. Tears of happiness, sadness and frustration...your emotions will run the gamut with this book and you will love every minute of it!

Kim Jones
Max and Charlie

This is a must have book - the story of Charlie (Charles) and Max (Maximillian). What happens to shape the lives of two young boys and how those two shape the world of Alkarra. You will love Max in a new way, as you understand his background. Reading the Dragonmaster Series is needed before reading The Advocate to fully understand the characters. Katie continues to enthrall us with each new book, don’t miss this one.

Lenore Wilkison
Compelling and Fulfilling

I hadn't expected this. The advocacy and Charlie became real in this in a thoroughly engaging way, while Maximillian became a more complete person. The one caveat I would mention is that you need to read the dragonmaster trilogy first! Please read and enjoy all four books!