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The Lost Magic (The Network Saga, Book 1)

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Never underestimate the power of a vigilant witch. 

Twenty-one-year-old Bianca Monroe has one goal: to keep the status quo. 

She's finally happy. The Central Network has recovered from the war, peace remains steady enough, and she loves teaching the new Guardian recruits how to use a sword. 

The last thing she wants is change. 

At the third annual Celebration of all Networks, Bianca is thrust into an unexpected challenge: a mortal girl named Ava lands in her lap with a most unwelcome surprise. As the Celebration continues, it's clear that the only witch who cares whether Ava lives or dies is Bianca.

And Bianca's magic has stopped working.

Can Bianca save Ava from the high-ranking witches that want her blood, even if it means the end of the blossoming peace? Or does Bianca protect her Network the only way she knows how?

The Lost Magic is the first novel in the Network Saga, a continuation of the beloved Network Series that has captivated over half a million readers. Get ready for life-changing YA Fantasy. 

Because Bianca Monroe is back.


Customer Reviews

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Jessica Maynard-Gilbert
So wonderful

Really enjoyed being back in this world! Such a great start to a continued story. The epilogue and everything is so juicy and a great read.

Jolynn Ward
Another great read

You can not go wrong reading any book by Katie Cross. I have read every book in the Network series, the Dragonmaster series, and most of the short story novellas. Be prepared once you start, it will be almost impossible to stop. Any adventure with Bianca Monroe will be a wild and crazy ride. Just when you think you have everything all figured out comes a nice little twist. She will make you cry, laugh, and everything in between. Love, Love, Love Katie Cross and her brilliant mind.

Jean Hamilton
So happy to see Bianca again!

I loved the Network Series and am thrilled that we have picked up the story 3 years later with the Network Saga. The character building and the world building continue to be flawless and it is lovely to have such exciting developments as occur here without sex, obscenity or gratuitous violence. Gods, demi-gods and humans have been added to the original world of witches and the complexity added by that have me very excited about reading more in this new series.
This is a standalone and does not end with a cliffhanger, but the star I knocked off was due to my belief that the slow start necessitated by filling in the background for those who had not read the previous books diminished it somewhat. But believe me. I still loved this book and will be pre-ordering the next one!

Dana Delaney
Magic, Dragons, Fierce Women? What’s Not to Love?

Bianca Monroe is back - only now she is an adult and we see her finding her way…only this time She has to dig even deeper inside and find the strength that was there all the time.

Sharon Shirley
Bianca's Back!!

This first entry in The Network Saga is another great story for Bianca, who finds she continues to have more to learn about herself and others. I loved going back to the Central Network and reconnecting with Bianca and some of her friends, as well as meeting new characters. Katie Cross is an expert character developer and world builder.

The storyline was not what I expected, and in fact made me stressed worrying about Bianca. I'm so glad she has lots of people to support her!

There were parts of this one that dragged some for me. Most of these had to do with establishing context I already knew from having read The Network Series and related books and a couple too many repeated explanations of details to different characters. However, these were minor in the bigger picture.

I can't wait for the next entry in the Saga!