Sisterwitches Book 9 | Ebook

Sisterwitches Book 9 | Ebook

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  In great loss, is there preservation of self?

Maximillion Sinclair is certain of exactly one thing: he wants to tell Isadora how much she means to him. Execution is not as simple as desire. Can he overcome the battles in his own mind to convey his deepest adoration? 

War between witches and dragons appears inevitable—unless Sanna can get rid of an infamous and sneaky black market witch named Casandra. When Casandra elevates her efforts against dragons to endanger one Sanna loves, all the safety she's created begins to crumble. 

Taxes, Wildrose, and Maximillion keep Isadora racing from one thing to the next. Everything is fine. Wildrose isn't crumbling that bad, and Max will recover from his fits of memory loss . . . won't he?

Join our beloved Sisterwitches and Max in the next installment in THE SISTERWITCHES: Book 9. These slice-of-life stories will sweep you back to the world of the Dragonmaster and right into the heart of the witches we love best. 

Customer Reviews

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Kim Jones
Life Struggles

This installment of the Sisterwitches has tender mercies for Isadora and Max (tissues needed). Isadora has tough decisions to make as she looks to the future. Sanna and the dragons also have some tough decisions. Sanna must realize she can’t fix everything in Letum Wood, sometimes the dragons must fight for themselves. Katie did such an awesome job writing what Max was going through with his mind. And also the loss of those we love. Don’t miss SWB9.

Leslie Harris
Beautiful Exploration of Loss, Grief, and Rebirth

Sisterwitches Book 9 is a beautiful exploration of grief and the struggle for rebirth after a great, heart-breaking loss. The novel breaks your heart with its emotional honesty and depth as it explores some of the most difficult transitions in life. We have Sanna and the dragons to provide a secondary thread (almost comic relief, although they too have a battle to win), but the story of Max and ultimately of Isadora is a true masterpiece of emotional understanding. Keep the tissues ready. You'll need them. This is a beautiful, powerful work of fiction that feels painfully, wonderfully real.

Emotional roller coaster

This is the penultimate book of the Sisterwitches series and as expected some things are coming to an end. This book is equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting. I love how by the end you can see how things are setting up to dovetail into the Bianca era. ❤️❤️❤️

A myriad of battles, big and small

World renowned, award winning author Katie Cross brings us the ninth book in the Sisterwitches series. The stories of Sanna, dragons, Max, Isadora and Wildrose continue.

I so love Wildrose, it is one of my favorite characters in this series.

This book contains battles. Perhaps not battles as you’d expect: battles against the fog that is obscuring the mind, battles of grieving and recovery and a battle to save dragons from harm along with others. Sometimes there is no winning. All of these battles are difficult in their own way, and the only way forward is through.

✨Magic✨ ✨ Witches✨ 🐉 Dragons 🐉 ✨Alkarra ✨

Laila Savolainen
Deep dive into the mind of magics

Have your box of tissues at the ready. Sisterwitches bk 9, is beautifully written exploring the human condition. Bringing Alkarra and her inhabitants ever closer to the times of the High Priestess novel. Bridging the gap with the stories of witches, dragons and Almorran magics, while the of promise of more magic and mysteries than we know are woven into this bk9 of the series. I look forward to adventuring and learning more with The Great Library of Burke and Wildrose Manor when their novels come out...