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The Rise of the Demigods (The Network Saga, Book 2)

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Coming March 4, 2022!

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Never underestimate the power of a prepared witch.

Bianca Monroe wants one thing: to create and lead a Sisterhood of Protectors. She might be the only one that thinks it's a good idea.

With demigods in Alkarra, and a frustrated Council attempting to usurp her father, Bianca is faced with opposition on every side. When her desire to defend the Central Network with a Sisterhood is rebuffed by everyone whose support she thought she’d have, she’s forced to find a new path.

Meanwhile, the influence of god magic grows in Alkarra. Reports of unexpected spells, strangers in the land, and crumbling Network ties abound.

Will Bianca assemble the support she needs to defend the Network from this unknown enemy?

Or will she be forced to find the strength to forge her own path?

THE RISE OF THE DEMIGODS is the second book in THE NETWORK SAGA. Fans of beloved, award-winning NETWORK SERIES will be swept back into the world of Alkarra, where magic abounds and enemies are now fast at hand.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Mueller
A Small Taste

Katie's books always leave me on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the next book or in this case, the rest of the book. Ahhh March 2022 will not come quick enough! Thank you again and again Katie. Love all your books

denise lackey
And now I know

Lamplighters Daughter is the “cliff notes” on the mortal Ava from “The Lost Magic”. An entertaining prequel to her Network introduction.

What a taste of what is to come

A very short and quick read that makes me can't wait for the next book. This is Katie at her best