The Forgotten Gods (The Network Saga, Book 3)

The Forgotten Gods (The Network Saga, Book 3)

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Distant Witch.

Bianca Monroe has one goal in mind when she heads to the land of the gods: convince the god of fire, Ignis, to take his magic back.

How hard could it be?

Yet, Alaysia is not what she expected. 

In fact, it's better. 

While Bianca battles rogue demigods and new magic, the god of fire whispers promises of eternal power, easy magic, and the salvation of Alkarra. Treachery thrives at every hand in the land of the gods, leaving her unsure who to trust.

Meanwhile, one questions plagues her daily: should she give loyalty to the god of fire that resides with in her? 

Or to the goddess she doesn't know? 

The Forgotten Gods is the third book in the Network Saga. This tale of epic magic and wild places will sweep you to a whole new world—the land of the gods—while it takes your breath away.

Customer Reviews

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Marcia Bailey
Great read

This latest book is "unputdownable". Gods, demigods, mortals, adventure. Bianca is growing, the story is developing and I cant wait for the next instalment.

Karen Olson
A new land

Bianca is invited to visit a land ruled by God's and demigods by her friend, whom she now knows is a God! There are mortals who serve the Gods and demigods. It gives you a new depth of perspective on how Bianca sees her judgments of situations, places and people. I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, intrigue and this thing we call Love. I think the best book yet.

Pat Percival
Slow Burner

Katie has created another world for us to visit, Alaysia, home of gods, demigods and subservient mortals. We’ve certainly been introduced to Alaysia in previous books, but not to the descriptive detail provided in The Forgotten Gods. If you are looking for a story filled with explosive action and drama, this book won’t satisfy that need. Yes, there is action, but not the type that draws the reader in immediately and churns the story from cover to cover. For me, the story was a slow starter and continued throughout as an understated drama with brief moments of raised excitement and tension. Descriptive passages are the backbone of this book, along with telepathic dialogues and god magic creations.

Throughout my journey reading all of Katie’s fantasy books, I haven’t given much thought to being an old adult reading what’s classified as Young Adult (YA) literature. I just know I thoroughly enjoy her storytelling. With The Forgotten Gods(TFG), I found myself looking up the meaning of a few words Katie used, something I haven’t done while reading her previous books. It occurred to me while looking up a word that the writing style in TFG has moved away from YA and into “adult” fantasy. I don’t know what YA criteria are, so don’t take my word for it, though! I just know TFG has a different feel to it than the previous books in the fantasy series. You’ll want to read TFG to continue Bianca’s story and learn about the gods; just don’t go into it expecting non-stop, overt action.

Chris Newman
This book concentrates on Bianca.

A new, strong twist to her story that makes this the best book on the Series so far. A nail biting story with new twists and turns that’ll keep you page turning to the very end and beyond…


Katie Cross writes stories that break your Kindle reading streak. She writes vivid stories with amazing characters that you just can’t help lingering in their world after the story ends.

Forgotten Gods is the continuation of Bianca Monroe’s adventure to meet the gods and have the god magic removed from her. Baxter introduces Bianca to his world and Bianca’s life is changed forever.

Another excellent read - highly recommend!