The High Priestess - Katie Cross

The High Priestess (The Historical Collection, Book 1)

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The First Book in
The Historical Collection

Wealthy landowners own the Eastern Network, so uneducated witch Vittoria Gutia isn't about to make any waves.

She either works as a lavanda maid, or she and her beloved nephew starve to death.

That sort of math is pretty simple.

When an unexpected savior lands in her lap, fate falls with him. La Salvatorra—Giver of Justice—beckons her with him.

To save her nephew, Vittoria takes the reckless Landowners' soon-to-be-disastrous offer. She's thrust into a glittering new court, a world without conscience, and the burden of saving her entire Network.

Can Vittoria save her witches by focusing on what matters most? Or will the world of power and men cast her aside like the lavanda maid she was raised to be?

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is the first novel in the Historical Collection. This exhilarating tale of first love and tyranny will sweep you to a new place.

Customer Reviews

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Another nonstop read!!

Darn it Katie! I'm so hypnotized by your books I can't put them down until they're finished. I'm not getting any sleep! Thank you for another chance to revisit Bianca!

High Priestess is the newest success by Katie Cross!

I have read every single book written by Katie Cross. I started reading her books to escape my stress of the Covid19 Pandemic and to replace my Harry Potter addiction. All of Katie Cross' books provide the same high quality level of escape from reality and into a intricately described world of fantasy, magic, danger, and intimate love and passion, without becoming inappropriately sexual for young readers. I get hooked into each character that she brings to life. I even think about and worry about the characters, as if I know them, when I must put the book down to do my real life!

The High Priestess takes the reader back in history many hundreds of years before the other book series by Katie Cross. If you are new to Katie Cross and want to read her books chronologically, read this book first and then go to the Dragonmaster Trilogy and then The Network Series! The High Priestess may be historical, but it is absolutely NOT boring! You will instantly love (well almost) every character in this book. In this world, there is extreme poverty and extreme wealth and some dream of a better life with equality of all the witches. There is civil unrest and danger and surprise plot twists during the story adding suspense all the way till the end. At the end of every Katie Cross book, I want to know what happens next, and The High Priestess is no different! I am looking forward to the next book in The Historical Collection.

Thank you Ms. Cross, for allowing me to escape the ongoing reality of the Covid19 Pandemic and into your exciting and beautiful fantasy world, yet again!!

The hope we need

Another fabulous novel by Katie Cross. Right now, what the world needs most is hope. This delivered it in spades. This novel was so well crafted! I love books that you think you've discovered a secret twist, only to discover something completely different had happened. Thank you for bringing us this closer look at the Alkarra of the past and bringing us hope through The High Priestess. I can't wait to read more!

The high priestess

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this new publication of Katie’s, I was unable to put it down, the characters really tied in with previous books giving an insight to the way things were and how each character came to be in the later stories. How the differences between landowners and workers haven’t changed at all though the generations of witches,
Great book and a good start to another series taking the reader deeper into this fantastic world of witches and I can’t wait for the next one, thank you Katie

The High Priestess

I have read all of Katie's books and find them very interesting and enjoyable. I try to slow down reading so I am able to enjoy the travel and adventures of all the wonderful characters. Hats off to Katie on a wonderful new book and looking forward to the next. Will reread this book again.