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The High Priest's Daughter (The Network Series Book 3) - Katie Cross

The High Priest's Daughter (The Network Series Book 3)

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Third book in The Network Series

Despite swirling rumors of war, seventeen-year-old Bianca Monroe is living without restraint for the first time. With no curse to hinder her and her enemy, Miss Mabel, imprisoned in an impervious dungeon, she’s finally free.

Except . . . nothing lasts forever.

The Southern Network attacks, launching Bianca, her beloved father, and everyone she cares for into a war controlled by the clandestine witch Angelina.

The only witch who can save the Central Network is the conniving Miss Mabel.

Will setting Miss Mabel free unleash an even greater evil on all of Alkarra?

The High Priest’s Daughter is the third book in the thrilling new fantasy collection The Network Series. It’s a haunting tale about growing up and finding the strength within.


An excerpt from The High Priest's Daughter:

"There will be no safe place when the West attacks," I said as I turned away, staring out at the sea of burned rubble. An abandoned doll lay in the wreckage, her porcelain face half-burned. "Not anywhere."

"Our home is much safer than here," Jackie insisted, her jaw set. "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"What are you going to do if there is a war?"

I glanced at the burned remains of the streets of Chatham City and wondered the same thing.

"I'll fight."

* * *

Here's what other YA Fantasy lovers are saying: 


"Witches and dragons and swords, oh my!"

"Cross had better keep cranking these out because I can't WAIT for the next one."

"Bianca is a force of nature."

"Katie Cross develops characters that are hard to let go of."

"The Network world created by Katie Cross is rich, vivid and real."

"The tension, the action, the twists, the well placed foreshadowing, and glimpses of what might be. I have blazed through the first three books. I'll read everything Katie writes!"

"Okay y'all! So this book series is amazing!"


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