The Swordmaker | Historical Collection Book #2

The Swordmaker | Historical Collection Book #2

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Andrei is more than just a swordmaker. 

He's a legend.

Members of the legendary silkmaking clan in the Southern Network understand one thing: the clan keeps the Sirilas magic in balance by obedience to its rules, and the Sirilas magic keeps them alive. 

When loyal, steady future Guide to the Clan Andrei Kuzmin finds a sword that stands in his way to ease and prosperity—quite literally—he's shoved out of his stable world and into a new magic. 

A magic that doesn't care about the requirements of the Sirilas magic. 

While Andrei grapples to rid himself of the meddlesome sword, a new foe enters the stage. Alek Popov, High Priest to the Southern Network, a witch hungry for the well-kept secrets of the silkmaking magic. 

Can Andrei keep both magicks happy while forging the path required of him? 

Or will Andrei's faltering loyalty destroy the clan from the very center? 

THE SWORDMAKER is the second novel in the Historical Collection. This thrilling story will sweep you away to the arctic lands of the Southern Network, where magic teems and mysteries abound.

Customer Reviews

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Carol Long
Swordmaking At Its Finest

What a beautiful introduction to the world of Alkarra and the art of swordmaking!! Andrei is scheduled to be Guide to the Clan but is it really what he wants to do? A new sort of magic takes his soul to a new level of awareness and he hesitates....what now?? Read to find out what he decides and how a greedy Southern Network Council member throws all sorts of blocks in the way. You won't be disappointed!!

Kim Jones
Magic and Silk

Don’t miss this book in the Historical Collection. This is a stand alone book so there won’t be spoilers if you haven’t read previous Katie books. This book covers the history of the Sirilas magic, and the Ensis magic that all the Andreis’ have to make the swords. Also we learn of the silk trade and the Maleesa, this is fascinating. As usual for Katie, there are characters that we love and some we do not.

Debbie K
A Lot to Learn

This is a big juicy book filled with all kinds of history and knowledge. Also, of course, excellent story telling that Katie is famous for. Join stoic structured Andrei as he is lured by the call of a new magic. Will he follow his heart or do what is expected of him? You will learn a lot and love the ride1

Magic abounds

I had fun reading this magic novel. It's a wonderful addition to the Historical collection of Alkarra.
I very much related to the magic of the Swordmaker. Katie brought the Ensis magic itself to life, for me as a creative, it became a sentient character, a player within the story. What happens in the story radiates out into the Alkarran world and timeline. And the Sirilas magic is as rich as the silks it creates.
There is so much here that opens the opportunities for more stories.
It is not only a companion to Alkarra's past, it's a stand alone novel that will give no spoilers, only added enjoyment to Katie's other series.

Very Satisfying…and I want more!

The Swordmaker is a satisfying book filled with the rich details of the culture of the silkmaker clan and its Sirilas magic. It also tells a story about a Swordmaker, of course!

Andrei, soon to be the new leader of the clan, has been trained to be the next Guide of the clan for years. He knows just what to do and when to do it. Until suddenly he doesn’t!

I would really enjoy it if this book became a series or if at least more short stories sprouted from it.