The Parting (A Novella in The Network Saga)

The Parting (A Novella in The Network Saga)

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Never underestimate the power of a brokenhearted witch.

Six months ago, war gripped all of Alkarra.

Witches died, government structures fell, and all Networks were on the brink of devastation. Bianca Monroe and her father, Derek Black, brought the world back from the edge of disaster by defeating the Almorran Master, Mabel.

New problems have begun to take root.

When the High Priestess of the Northern Network, Farah, dies, her sister steps up in her place. Geralyn, a notoriously suspicious and cautious witch, calls all Northern Network delegates, Masters, and Guardians back home.

Including Merrick.

Bianca’s first love is tested with a brutal new challenge—reality. Can the bond that Merrick and Bianca forged through loss, grief, and betrayal last now that post-war life has settled in?

Or will the battle for life and love continue to wage their power?

The Parting is a standalone short story in The Network Saga. It’s best read before the first book, The Lost Magic, or any time afterward.


Customer Reviews

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Andy Gonzalez
Heart wrenching

All stories have ups and downs, and when you read them, your heart goes up and down with them. This is a bit of the story that had to be told and read. Thank you Katie, for helping us understand a bit more our beloved Bianca, and how her lovely heart must go through her own ups and downs as life goes on and brings inevitable change with it… hope we can hear a bit more about the missing years… :op

The missing years

I was missing what happened during the three years between the last two books so this fills that it. Everyone is exhausted from the war. Just because the war is over doesn’t mean everything is OK—livestock is dead, fields are burned so people are barely existing. Bianca heads back to the woods and Isadora’s cottage which has been neglected for years. The woods are happy to have her back and she works on the cottage. Martin visits and brings her news but not what she is looking for and then her dad visits but still no Merrick. Finally at almost 2 months he appears. The problem—the ruler of the North has died and her sister, the new ruler, calls everyone home so Merrick has a choice to make—he puts forward several but will Bianca take one of the choices? How will this end? You must get this book if you are reading this series.

Jean-Maire Cole

I have already read Lost Magic, so I knew where Bianca and Merrick ended up, but watching Bianca go through it in the Parting was heartbreaking! Katie Cross has done such an amazing job bringing the characters of this series to life, that I cried along with Bianca and felt her anguish. Can’t wait to see how things progress in Rise of the Demigods

Kim Jones
Heartbreak and Pain

You must read The Lost Magic and the Network Series to understand this heartbreaking story of Bianca and Merrick. Your heart will be breaking along with Bianca’s. Katie has such a way with words and emotions that you feel you are in the cottage with Merrick and Bianca. You feel their pain and tears. Thanks Katie for letting us into their world. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead in The Rise of the Demigod.