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The Dragonmaster Trilogy

1. FLAME, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, Book 1

2. Chronicles of the Dragonmasters, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, Novella 1.5

3. FLIGHT, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, Book 2

4. The Ronan Scrolls, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, Novella 2.5

5. FREEDOM, The Dragonmaster Trilogy, Book 3

Next, The Sisterwitches Series

6. The Sisterwitches: Book 1

7.The Sisterwitches: Book 2

8. The Sisterwitches Book 3

9. The Sisterwitches Book 4

10. The Sisterwitches Book 5

11. The Sisterwitches: Book 6 

12. The Sisterwitches: Book 7

13. The Sisterwitches: Book 8

14. The Sisterwitches: Book 9

15. The Sisterwitches: Book 10

Followed by The Network Series 

16. Mildred's Resistance, The Network Series, Prequel

 17. The Isadora's Interviews, The Network Series, Book 1.5

18. Miss Mabel's School for Girls, The Network Series, Book 1 

19. Short Stories from Miss Mabel's, A short story collection in The Network Series

20. Alkarra Awakening, The Network Series, Book 2

21. The High Priest's Daughter, The Network Series, Book 3

 22. War of the Networks, The Network Series, Book 4

23. Short Stories from the Network Series, A short story collection in The Network Series

24. The Lost Magic, The Network Series, Book 5 

25. Rise of the Demigods, The Network Series, Book 6

26. The Forgotten Gods, The Network Series, Book 7

27. War of the Gods, The Network Series, Book 8

And, back in time for some standalone Historical Collection novels and short stories:

28. The High Priestess, The Historical Collection, Book 1

29. The Swordmaker, The Historical Collection, Book 2

30. The Advocate, The Historical Collection, Book 3

31. The Great Library of Burke, The Historical Collection, Book 4

32. Wildrose, The Historical Collection, Book 5

Then, Reader Request short stories to dive into your favorite characters' lives now that you've read the novels: 

33. The Gods, Reader Request Story #1

34. The Plummet, Reader Request Story #2 

35. The North, Reader Request Story #3

36. The Wander, Reader Request Story #4

37. The Return, Reader Request Story #5

38. Viveet Forged, Reader Request Story #6

39. Mildred's Interview, Reader Request Story #7

40. Bianca's Interview, Reader Request Story #9

41. The End, Reader Request Story #8

42. At Last, Reader Request Story #10 

 43. Hazel, A short story in The Network Series 

44. Marie & Derek, A short story in The Network Series

45. The Novellas collection, A collection of novellas in The Network Series

46. The Finales, A collection of New novellas in The Network Series

47. Alkarra, A short story collection

Alkarran Children's Books:

Bianca The Brave

Merrick the Master

The Wolf Song Saga:

 Spring for Spears, The Wolf Song Saga, Book 1

Sword Summer, The Wolf Song Saga, Book 2